Are you an aspiring athlete wanting to take your performance to the next level? We offer world class athlete development support to ensure you enhance your levels of performance and develop as a person.

How can we help?

Sports organisations

We design programmes that support athletes to perform to the best of their ability.

Our services work across the 4 pillars of development (Strength & Conditioning, Mental Skills, Nutrition and Leadership) depending on the athletes training age and experience.

We tailor programmes to suit athletes’ needs and can cater for all age groups.

School athletes

Are you a talented athlete who is still at school and needs advice to take your performance to the next level? We will work with you to design a strength & conditioning programme to develop you as an athlete.

Sport & Life Academy

We run Sport & Life Academies for Primary Schools.

Our programme is based on movement exploration and movement competency. We use sport as the vehicle to teach important success characteristics by focusing on Leadership, Communication, Team-building and Resilience.

Junior Athlete Development Programme

Our Junior Athlete Development Programme (JAD) is for athletes aged 8 to 12 who are keen to develop their skills and abilities across all the sports they play!

JAD is an evidence based programme. We take a holistic aproach to developing confidence, competence, communication, resilience and leadership.

Our overall aim is to improve athleticism and hauora.

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